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Name:Sandra Miniere
Company:Integrative Wellness Coach
Address:30612 Nickerson Loop
City:Wesley Chapel
Country:United States of America
Phone No:813-994-2297
Cell No:510-579-3774
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Sandra Miniere
Sandra Miniere, M.Ed., Life and Wellness Coach

Sandra Miniere inspires her clients to get well and enjoy life! She encourages them to develop common sense answers to complex issues, explore options and take actions that are right for them.

Integrative wellness includes the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing as well as lifestyle itself—self-care, relationships, finances, work/career, recreation and physical environment. Blended together, these elements create a protective shield from stress, negative emotions, illness and the aging process.

Sandra’s clients feel empowered when they participate in their recovery from a life-altering illness or accident as well as create a lifestyle that promotes health, inner harmony, authenticity and purpose.

They have the power to

·         maintain a healthy body,

·         manage their emotions,

·         change their thoughts,

·         connect with a Higher Power

·         and create a life that feels right for them.


Benefits of Integrative Wellness:

  • Physical vitality, strength, flexibility and longevity
  • Mental clarity, focused intention and creativity,
  • Emotional well-being, acceptance, objectivity, trust and reduced stress
  • Spiritual upliftment, inner peace, gratitude and optimism
  • Purposeful living based on personal values and satisfying relationships

For more than 30 years, Sandra has used a holistic approach to help her clients transform themselves and their lives. Regarding her personal wellness journey: she no longer uses daily asthma medication (after 35 years), is cancer free for 15 years, and has returned to a normal lifestyle (without medication) after a debilitating atrial fibrillation heart challenge.

Optimal health and well-being don’t just happen; they take awareness, commitment and purposeful action. Sandra Miniere is ready to be your guide on this journey into radiant wellness. 

Contact her for a 50-minute complimentary telephone coaching session
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